Teambuilding in Atlanta During Lifecycle Building Center Volunteer Day

More than a dozen DPR Hardin volunteers, ranging from interns to senior management, gathered May 15 for a day of team building and giving back during their second Lifecycle Building Center (LBC) volunteer day in Atlanta. LBC is a nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing the Atlanta community’s sustainability. LBC achieves its mission both through educational outreach and by reselling materials that have been repurposed and reclaimed from renovated or demolished buildings.

Celebrating DPR's 25th anniversary year by supporting our local communities. Photo courtesy Ashley Conklin

Approximately 15 DPR Hardin volunteers started off working together in a group team-building session, de-nailing hardwood floors that had been pulled from a 100-year-old house and were being repurposed for future use.

Removing nails from 100-year-old hardwood flooring. Photo courtesy Ashley Conklin

After the de-nailing work, the group then split into groups to tackle additional projects. Several of the volunteers worked on sorting, categorizing and preparing for sale hundreds of slightly irregular blinds that had donated by manufacturers. Others helped separate and organize various sizes and styles of casters and assorted materials such as nails, screws and bolts among other miscellaneous materials.

Organizing reclaimed flooring to prepare for retail sale. Photo courtesy Ashley Conklin

Altogether, volunteers put in about 60 hours during the recent store organization day, according to Atlanta volunteer coordinator Andi King. “It was a nice team-building day,” she commented. “It was nice to see such a variety of DPR Hardin employees, many of whom don’t usually get to work directly with each other and some of whom actually had never even met before, having the opportunity to work together for a good cause.”

In addition to approximately twice yearly, hands-on volunteer days at the store, DPR Hardin provides ongoing financial support to LBC as part of their regional community outreach efforts.