Why Do We Stand Down? (Video)

On May 4th, 6,670 participants at 79 DPR jobsites and 18 offices across multiple time zones joined together to take part in the 2015 OSHA National Safety Stand-Down campaign. By taking a moment to pause and reflect, we were able to raise awareness about fall protection for thousands in the construction industry.

On each jobsite, we asked participants to answer the question: “Why do you Stand Down?”

While the type of projects were different—from a healthcare interior build-out to a new corporate campus—and the locations ranged from coast to coast…the common reason found among all responses? To send people safely home to their families every day.

Watch this video to view our 2015 National Safety Stand Down participation and see why we stood down:

This was OSHA’s second National Safety Stand-Down campaign. Our participation grew by more than 500 people compared to last year’s Stand-Down, which included 6,125 participants across DPR jobsites and offices. Last year’s OSHA campaign reached one million workers total in the construction industry.

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