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Constructing with Care podcast cover; blue gradient with mic icon
Constructing with Care podcast cover; blue gradient with mic icon

We are excited to introduce Constructing with Care, a podcast for healthcare leaders.

Rapidly evolving realities—caring for an aging population, workforce shortages and burnout, increased uninsured, and lower reimbursement contracts—challenge healthcare providers to deliver care more efficiently at a lower cost, within an environment where capital investments are competing with other immediate priorities.

In our two-episode premiere focused on reducing the burden of disruption on a burnt-out workforce, our guests share with listeners their strategies to prioritize staff wellbeing and help avoid common nurse and physician stressors during a capital construction project.

Episode 1 & 2:

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In episode 1, Constructing with Care for a Burnt-out Workforce, Stanford Health Care’s Chief Nurse Executive and Vice President Patient Care Services, Dr. Dale Beatty shares his perspective on how the industry can best support providers and help avoid nurse and physician burnout. He also offers advice on how to thoughtfully incorporate a range of stakeholder voices into capital project planning to accommodate wellbeing.

In Episode 2, Beatty and DPR Construction's healthcare market strategy leader, Deb Sheehan, continue their conversation where they will discuss leaders’ responsibility to demonstrate outcomes from capital investments, using science and strategy as advantages in designing healing environments, and what every healthcare executive should watch out for during expansion and renovations.

I do think we have to find ways collectively, together to support our workforce, and some of the work that we're going to be talking about through building construction can certainly do that.

Dr. Dale Beatty

Stanford Health Care


Guest Speakers

Dale Beatty headshot

Dr. Dale Beatty
Stanford Health Care
Chief Nurse Executive and Vice President Patient Care Services

Deb Sheehan headshot

Deb Sheehan
DPR Construction
Healthcare Market Strategy Leader


More to Come

We hope you enjoy our inaugural episode focused on tackling workforce burnout. Subscribe for future episodes as we talk with inspiring guests about how they are reimagining healthcare construction as a means to improve provider satisfaction, create better clinical workflow, enhance patient experience, improve efficiency, and more.

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