Six Takeaways from Healthcare Podcast Series

Delve into the dynamic world of healthcare infrastructure development as we explore the potential of capital projects to not just renovate but revolutionize healthcare. Throughout this thought-provoking podcast, Constructing with Care provides access to the perspectives of healthcare experts who are shaping the future of healthcare infrastructure.

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Here's a glimpse into the transformative power of the discussions on Constructing with Care.

Embrace Capital Projects as Change Agents

"Recognize that capital projects offer an opportunity to address historic stressors and improve operational workflows, technology, and the care environment." - Deb Sheehan, Healthcare Strategy Leader

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare construction, capital projects are a transformation tool. Deb Sheehan's insights will resonate deeply with those in the field, shedding light on how capital projects can not only resolve long standing challenges but also elevate healthcare infrastructure to new heights.

Empower Healthcare Consumers

"Break down access barriers, provide price transparency and offer affordable treatment options. Prioritize patient satisfaction and empower patients to be active participants in their care." - Supina Mapon, Healthcare Strategist

Empowering patients is not just jargon; it's a mission. Supina Mapon's insights delve into how healthcare construction can actively contribute to patient empowerment and satisfaction, reshaping the way we approach healthcare facilities.

Safety and Informed Communication are Key

"Construction on active hospital campuses presents unique risks. Prioritize safety for patients, staff and operations. Informed communication can improve patient access and satisfaction during renovations." - Matt Bishop, Healthcare Project Executive

Safety is paramount in healthcare construction, and Matt Bishop's expertise shines a light on the critical importance of maintaining safety standards during active hospital renovations. Learn how to ensure uninterrupted patient care and staff well-being.

Embrace Iterative Communication and Build Trust

"Communication is an iterative process; involve your team in improving plans. As a builder on an active campus, focus on earning trust to ensure comfort for patients, providers and staff." - Sean Ashcroft, Healthcare Core Market Leader

In healthcare construction, trust is the cornerstone of success. Sean Ashcroft's guidance on iterative communication and trust-building offers practical strategies for ensuring smooth collaborations and maintaining confidence throughout a project.

Integration for an Omnichannel Experience

"Align initiatives and thought leaders to integrate virtual and physical spaces, providing flexible and personalized care." - Carl Fleming, Healthcare Strategist

Carl Fleming's insights open the door to a future where healthcare construction seamlessly blends physical and virtual spaces, delivering a patient-centered, flexible, and personalized healthcare experience.

Consumer-Centric Healthcare and Future Proofing

"Bring consumer-first perspectives from other industries to healthcare. Assess if existing infrastructure can support future technologies and budget accordingly." - Carl Fleming, Healthcare Strategist

For healthcare construction professionals, it's imperative to future-proof infrastructure and adopt a consumer-centric approach. Carl Fleming's wisdom will guide you in assessing and adapting your healthcare facilities to meet the evolving needs of the industry.

The Constructing with Care podcast is a gateway to the transformative world of healthcare construction. Be immersed in a world of insights, strategies and best practices that will shape the future of healthcare infrastructure.

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