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As far back as the 1930s, there have been frequent references to “consumerism” in healthcare. Today, consumerism broadly refers to people proactively using trustworthy, relevant information and technology to make better-informed decisions, including healthcare options.

According to a 2022 Kaufman Hall study, 66% of healthcare providers consider their customer-centric initiatives to be a high priority but the most successful tools employed in traditional retail—marketing strategies, consumer segmentation, price comparison shopping, etc.—have fallen flat in healthcare.

Patients have large amounts of data available to them but knowing whether—or how—patients will use that data, presents a challenge. It’s important for providers to know what works and what doesn’t in order to better understand how the care they’re providing affects the overall experience of their customers. This is true for how facilities are designed and constructed as well.

In Episode 5 of Constructing with Care, Melissa Kiefer, Vice President of Project Development, Planning, Design and Construction at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York and Supina Mapon, healthcare strategist for DPR Construction discuss consumer-centric care, best practices for creating a facility that supports on-demand needs and the most critical needs for today’s patient.

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It's important to Hospital for Special Surgery that we continue to invest in our quality of care through our built environment. We can't maintain the investment that we make in research and education unless we continue to grow our physical presence.

Melissa Kiefer

Hospital for Special Surgery


Guest Speakers


Melissa Kiefer
Hospital for Special Surgery
Vice President of Project Development, Planning, Design and Construction

Supina Mapon

Supina Mapon
DPR Construction
Healthcare Market Strategist



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Check back soon when we speak with general contractors and designers working directly in the field on constructing a hospital expansion on an active campus, where safety, cleanliness and communication during construction are key.

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