Constructing with Care Podcast: Foresight and Planning on an Active Hospital Construction Site

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When building on an active healthcare campus—whether it’s a renovation, horizontal or vertical addition, or a new building on an existing site—planning and communication are key, but it’s the ability to anticipate and mitigate risks in this unique environment that can be the difference between success and failure.

Episode 6

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In Episode 6 of Constructing with Care, DPR healthcare leaders Sean Ashcroft and Matt Bishop focus on the most important and challenging issues builders face when working on an active campus and the strategies critical to achieving owners’ objectives. They also tackle several issues unique to healthcare building, like infection control, interim life safety measures (ILSM), and more. Learn more and understand just how important intentional planning and communication are to delivering on time and budget on an active campus, along with sightlines to contingencies you need to plan for along the way.

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As the builder on an active campus, it’s our responsibility to earn trust, to develop that trust so the patients, providers and staff are comfortable in the environment.

Sean Ashcroft

DPR Construction


Guest Speakers

Sean Ashcroft

Sean Ashcroft
DPR Construction
Healthcare Core Market Leader

Matt Bishop

Matt Bishop
DPR Construction
Healthcare Leader



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Our next episode will feature healthcare industry consultant Tim Zoph and DPR Construction’s Carl Fleming, where they will discuss omnichannel healthcare and the use of new and innovative technologies for ever-changing patient care.

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