Constructing with Care Podcast: Building a Safer, Healing-centric Environment

With violent incidents becoming increasingly more common, the healthcare and construction industries can strengthen safety measures through design, technology and training.
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Episode 9

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According to a recent American Hospital Association e-book, healthcare workers are five times more likely to experience violence in the workplace than those in other industries. Addressing this extends beyond the daily operations of healthcare facilities, and into to the construction and expansion phases, which can include architects shaping designs with security in mind and construction project managers implementing safety protocols.

In Episode 9 of Constructing with Care, DPR’s podcast focusing on healthcare construction, Deb Sheehan, healthcare market strategy leader at DPR, and Jay Farhat, executive director of protective services at Baptist Health, discuss the types of security measures to preventing crime, like security screenings and video monitoring, to the new technologies and innovations that improve safety, to training and recruitment of safety personnel on healthcare campuses. From the construction perspective, they discuss specific security measures that can be implemented into the environmental and building design, and tactics that protect the most vulnerable patients like children.

In Episode 10, Sheehan and Farhat discuss taking a team approach into de-escalation tactics, particularly in behavioral health facilities that are often underequipped and lack resources. This also includes healthcare facilities creating robust violence prevention policies that help define the level of potential threats and educating staff on the correct level of escalation. They discuss what technologies are to come, like artificial intelligence, and how the security of healthcare campuses continues to evolve.

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Innovation is our ally in healthcare security when we’re doing capital building projects. AI, autonomous devices, and collaboration with law enforcement are transforming the way we address risks and ensure the safety of healthcare workers and patients.

Jay Farhat

Baptist Health

Jay Farhat

Jay Farhat
Baptist Health
Executive Director of Protective Services

Deb Sheehan

Deb Sheehan
DPR Construction
Healthcare Market Strategy Leader

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In our next episode, Shehan and Farhat continue their conversation, discussing behavioral health departments, the importance of AI and autonomous devices, and the pivotal role of capital projects shaping safer environments.

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