New Podcast Episode! Re-evaluating Healthcare Real Estate Portfolios

Healthcare systems must adapt their real estate portfolios to meet the changing landscape.
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Episode 11

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Recent developments of health systems selling off hospital properties has led healthcare strategists to re-evaluate how these health systems can adapt to a changing market, while still meeting strategic and operational objectives. One way to avoid economic pitfalls is through health care real estate, or the physical pieces of property where a hospital or other health service sits. But because of an ever-changing market and health systems operating differently, these healthcare systems should adopt different real estate portfolios of their hospital properties, where existing real estate assets are re-evaluated and customized depending on differing factors, such as the type of care the asset provides, the needs of the community and available resources, and access to new multi-channel technologies like telehealth.

In Episode 11 of Constructing with Care, DPR’s podcast focusing on healthcare construction, Supina Mapon, healthcare strategist at DPR, and Hector Torres, managing director of healthcare investment at DC Advisory, discuss how healthcare systems can optimize their real estate portfolios in response to changing economic conditions in the effort to raise capital. They discuss in detail the four kinds of real estate portfolios that will maximize a healthcare system’s objectives.

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The future of healthcare real estate is all about network and connectivity, shifting from physical footprint to an integrated virtual and physical care ecosystem.

Supina Mapon

DPR Construction



Hector Torres
Managing Director, Healthcare Investment
DC Advisory

Supina Mapon
Healthcare Strategy
DPR Construction

Healthcare providers must focus on value per square foot, not just cost per square foot, to achieve meaningful returns from their real estate assets.

Hector Torres

DC Advisory

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In our next episode, Mapon and Torres continue the discussion on healthcare real estate portfolios and what they look like when used. Tune back in soon for the full episode.

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