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Chris Hoffman

Chris Hoffman’s construction career has been fueled by his family who worked in steel and specialized metals, along with his passion for force diagrams and a degree in civil/structural engineering. Upon graduation, Chris loved the design side of engineering, but knew he couldn’t be happy behind a desk. He was inspired by his early exposure to employees who ran the mills at a specialty metals plant and a love for the construction process—from a concept all the way to the tangible building. Chris’s need to be working in a collaborative environment, mixed with growing up where the trades were more important than the executives, led him to explore the construction industry.

Chris’s role at DPR has focused on preconstruction with a period in operations in the middle. He started as an intern in preconstruction, and he had the unique opportunity to work in the field on two highly complex projects—100-year old facadectomy in the heart of Washington, DC, and the DPR Reston net-zero energy designed office (which has LEED Platinum, WELL Gold, and FitWell certifications).

Chris believes if there is a better way to take care of DPR’s people or customers, we should do it. What sets us apart is our ability to make sure we do anything in our ability to care for our customers and employees.

Some of his notable projects include: The Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU, ASU Foundation Barrett and O'Connor Center, Digital Realty Loudoun Exchange Data Center and the University of Virginia Rehearsal Hall.


Role: Co-Business Unit Leader (Washington D.C./Baltimore)
Favorite DPR core value: Integrity. At the core of what we do, we must always operate with integrity – otherwise the rest doesn’t matter.
Favorite thing about construction: The process – from a concept or a program, to the tangible building. The construction process involves so many parties from every walk of life (and from all over the world in many cases) and comes to fruition into a physical object that is able to change lives.
First job: Car wash attendant. I specifically remember the winter months when we had to clear the sludge from the pit that housed the rail equipment that pushed the cars through the car wash.
Best vacation spot: Mendoza, Argentina. My wife, Anna, and I had our honeymoon in Argentina and we will never forget the experience in Mendoza.
Favorite subject in school: Mechanics of Materials. It’s the foundation of structural properties.

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