Exterior entrance to United Therapeutics HQ addition from street.

United Therapeutics Headquarters Addition

United Therapeutics Headquarters Addition | Silver Spring, Maryland

This new, seven-story, 108,000-sq.-ft., cutting-edge collaborative workspace and corporate office facility consists of a three-story atrium with six floors above—two of which overlook the atrium below. The atrium is open to the public, giving members of the community the opportunity to enjoy its many special features, such as the spring-like fountains, living wall, artificial boulders and commissioned artwork. These amenities are part of the culture at United Therapeutics with the aim to help people think in the way that most inspires them to get out of today's box and into the realm of tomorrow.



Joining this space to the "side-less" circular auditorium is a connector bridge—a custom-designed, state-of-the-art, glass bridge for employees to use as they "commute" between the buildings over Cameron Street. This all-glass auditorium required specially-developed glass and took 16 weeks to arrive. For a site with no lay down area, this was a critical lead time, requiring detailed scheduling and constant communication between the various parties.

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