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The power to see beneath the surface, or x-ray vision as she calls it, drew Alicia Loh Ortiz to the construction industry while finishing her civil engineering degree from the University of California, Berkeley. Since then, she has served in a variety of roles at DPR with experience managing complex life science projects, mid-rise ground up core and shell campus projects and progressive commercial office renovations for key customers including Amgen, Edwards Life Sciences and B. Braun Medical.

Co-leading the Southern California business unit, Alicia focuses on the implementation and alignment of company strategies and priorities at the local and national levels. She is passionate about taking care of people, sharing DPR’s unique culture and increasing diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace. Alicia is also active in the greater industry; she has spoken at the Women’s Construction Coalition in San Diego, California, and has been published in Work Design Magazine. Additionally, she sits on the Global Design Alliance and was named to ENR’s National Top 20 Under 40 List in 2022.


  • Role: Southern California Co-Business Unit Leader
  • Favorite DPR Core Value: Uniqueness
  • What You Love About Construction: There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a project come together knowing that you were part of creating a tangible space from something that started out as just an idea or a dream.
  • First Job: Ticket seller at the Orange County Fair over summer break in high school. Imagine listening to the same pop song playing a little too loud on repeat for 12 straight hours!
  • Most Useful App: Yelp – a great food photo helps especially when the description in the menu is too fancy for me to understand or in a different language.
  • Desired Superpower: The ability to move objects with my mind (yes, the Force).
  • Best Vacation Spot: Malaysia, it's my parent’s home country and has always felt like a second home.
  • Pet Peeve: Close talkers
  • Word to the Wise (advice): Treat others as you’d want to be treated.

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