An indoor outdoor open office design at DPR's Pasadena office.
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Pasadena, California

Delivering great results in Pasadena since 1993

From as far north as Santa Barbara to as far east as Palm Springs, DPR has been serving customers in six counties throughout Southern California since 1993. DPR's Pasadena office delivers great results for world-class customers.
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A woman rides an escalator up next to a sign with DPR's slogan.
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Meet Our Leadership
Meet Our Leadership
Alicia Ortiz headshot
who we are

Southern California Co-Business Unit Leader

The power to see beneath the surface, or x-ray vision as she calls it, drew Alicia Loh Ortiz to the construction industry while finishing her civil engineering degree from the University of California, Berkeley. Since then, she has served in a variety of…

Michael Konetzke headshot
who we are

Southern California Co-Business Unit Leader

Growing up on a farm as a third-generation plumber, Michael Konetzke can’t remember ever wanting to do anything but build. Whether it was working as a farmhand or a plumber, Michael didn’t know what a weekend was until his college days at Texas A&M,…

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