Integral And Indispensable To Our Communities

DPR’s vision is to be integral and indispensable to our communities. We do this through local initiatives that match the needs of the communities where we work with the skills and passions of DPR employees. Our “local” area extends beyond our regional offices to our jobsites, where our teams are often called on to share their talents with our community. Beyond building buildings, DPR offers our expertise in organizational leadership, project planning, soft-skills training, marketing and other professional areas.

“The best way to truly make a positive impact is to understand the needs and match those with our strengths as a company,” said Peter Nosler, DPR’s co-founder who serves in leadership roles for the company’s Community Initiatives efforts and on the DPR Foundation board. “We want to focus our energies in targeted areas, and go deeper to make a greater impact.”

Meaningful Results

This company-wide vision is implemented on the local level through volunteer action spearheaded by individual jobsites, regional offices and grants from the DPR Foundation. Our professional skills are the most valuable assets we have to share. On a local level, employees find the intersection between community needs and the skills we have so our volunteer actions and resources can focus on helping organizations move their missions forward.

Supported Organizations in Our Communities

Our regional offices work with community organizations that benefit from DPR’s talents and energy, and demonstrate progress in successfully moving their missions forward. Examples of organizations DPR works with nationwide include:

The DPR Foundation

One component of DPR’s regional Community Initiatives is the DPR Foundation. Founded in 2008, the 501(c)(3) nonprofit’s mission is to support organizations that assist economically disadvantaged youth. Each year the Foundation awards grants and commits volunteer time to organizations local to our regional offices. As of 2016, the DPR Foundation has awarded more than $5 million to organizations across the country, with an average grant size of $40,000.

Organizations are chosen through a careful selection process, beginning with a nomination from a DPR employee. A regional task force researches the mission, outcome metrics, track record and future plans of the organization, and site visits are made to meet with organizational leaders and to see their work in action. The opportunity to contribute meaningful volunteer time is a determining factor in deciding which organizations to support.

“Through the Foundation, we focus on using DPR’s unique company skills to support organizations that help under resourced youth gain the needed skills and perspective to help them realize their full potential,” said Peter Nosler, DPR’s co-founder who serves in leadership roles for the company’s Community Initiatives efforts.

DPR Foundation Supported Organizations, 2016

Investing In Our Communities

Whether through volunteer initiatives driven by our regional offices and jobsites or through local initiatives in support of the DPR Foundation mission, DPR is serious about investing in our communities. Not only do the great places where we do business benefit, our employees are happier and more engaged with their work, resulting in great projects for our clients.

“DPR’s commitment to ‘Build Great Things’ extends far beyond our offices or customers – we strive to go into the communities where we work and live to make a difference,” said Nosler.


For more information on DPR’s Community Initiatives contact [email protected].