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children wearing hardhats at a community event
Philanthropy Community Initiatives

Building Possibilities for the Under-Resourced

DPR takes a collaborative, measurable approach to our philanthropy. We believe that philanthropy and volunteering are about more than giving money to a cause and checking a box. We combine our unique skills and resources as a company with a careful selection of nonprofit partners to create real social change.

We listen to and collaborate with our community partners to identify how we can help them move forward in their missions through our areas of expertise, our Three Pillars of skills-based volunteering: Facility Construction and Renovation; Career and Education Guidance for Youth; and Operational Support for Nonprofit Partners.

DPR volunteers working on a community project.

Skills-Based Volunteering

Pillar 1:

Facility Construction and Renovation

Facility construction and renovation, including facility improvements that enable community organizations to maximize their impact

Pillar 2:

Career and Education Guidance for Youth

DPR creates and delivers construction education and career programs for under-resourced youth, including our signature Build Up education and high school internship program.

Pillar 3:

Operational Support for Nonprofit Partners

DPR builds relationships with community organizations and helps strengthen their operational capacity.

Two volunteers cut materials on a playground.
Youth watch as a toy helicopter is placed on their popsicle stick landing platform.

We have a unique ability to share our love for technical construction, problem-solving, and collaboration. We can provide students with the first-hand experience of being part of a team that makes a building project come to life and affects a community for generations.

Diane Shelton

DPR Philanthropy Leader

Outputs With Outcomes

Our approach to community involvement allows us to accomplish long-term, realistic goals for communities that need it most by focusing on what we’re great at doing. By tracking outcome data and communicating with our nonprofit partners, we ensure our efforts help meet their greatest needs.

Ultimately, DPR’s employees drive these efforts because they want to. Giving back isn’t a policy; it’s a principle at the heart of who we are as people. When we focus on giving back with what we do well, it allows nonprofits to truly focus on their missions and what they do best: changing the world for the better.

Learn more about DPR's Community Initiatives efforts in the 2021 CI Annual Report.

Kids and volunteers cheer during a chopper challenge.

Meet Our Leadership

Diane Shelton


Philanthropy Leader

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