DPR Construction Updates Facility for Milagro Center’s South Florida Youth

DPR Construction completed a series of renovations for the Milagro Center, a nonprofit organization supporting underserved youth in Delray Beach, FL.

Between the old floor tiles lifting and becoming a safety hazard to the deteriorating popcorn ceiling caused by roofing issues, the Teen Center was in dire need of a refresh. The project scope for the facility addressed those issues and included additional touch-ups.

“Our Teen Center hadn’t been renovated or improved in 15 years, so it’s incredible to see the way these facility updates have lifted the spirits and self-esteem of our staff and students, all thanks to having a clean, safe and welcoming space for our programming,” said Barbara Stark, president and CEO of Milagro Center.

Facility construction and renovation projects support DPR’s philanthropic vision of Building possibilities for the under-resourced, particularly through skills-based volunteering. Philanthropy is one of the company’s fourPillars of Global Social Responsibility, which also includes People, Planet and Partners. 

Before photo of Milagro Center's Teen Center featuring old floor tiles lifting and deteriorating popcorn ceiling caused by roofing issues. Courtesy of Sarah Santangelo

The first round of facility updates tackled the popcorn ceiling, which took place over the course of a few weekends during Service September, DPR’s annual monthlong focus on construction and renovation volunteer projects for its community partners.

“What made this a unique experience was the mix of DPR craft and admin volunteers working together on the ceiling component of the project,” said Sarah Santangelo, a DPR preconstruction manager also serving on the board of the Milagro Center. “Renovation projects like these give us a greater appreciation for what we do as builders on a daily basis, but adding in that teamwork and camaraderie element pushes us to build better for our community partners.”

In January, the second portion of the renovation focused on floor replacement, which involved collaboration with two local trade partners, The BG Group LLC and Professional Flooring Contractors LLC, who each donated materials and labor at reduced rates.

The Milagro Center is one of DPR’s longest-running community partnerships, with more than 12 years of partnership that has also included annual grants from the DPR Foundation.

After photo of Milagro Center's updated Teen Center featuring new floors and ceilings. Courtesy of Sarah Santangelo

“Milagro Center cherishes the relationship it has with DPR and everything they bring to the table, whether it be through career exposure for our students or the outstanding improvements their trades people have done for our Teen Center and Junior Teen Center,” said Stark.

Santangelo adds, “This year marks the Milagro Center’s 25thanniversary, so it’s pretty amazing for DPR to have been part of half of that journey and we look forward to supporting them as dedicated partners on their mission to changing the lives of underserved youth in our community."