Be a Pillar

Spotlighting DPR's Pillars of Global Social Responsibility

This article is included in the Great Things: Issue 7 edition of the DPR Newsletter.

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Be A Pillar is dedicated to sharing the perspectives of DPR employees who are helping to inspire, educate and lead DPR's Global Social Responsibility (GSR) journey.

What does it mean to be integral and indispensable? For DPR, it means being a strong global citizen that has an outsized impact on the people and communities around us. It means that the people who are part of the DPR family, from our employees to their families, to our partners and customers, positively influence the world around them. It means we give back in enough ways to be woven into the fabric of our communities, making a distinctive impact.

Four Pillars of Global Social Responsibility

At DPR, being integral and indispensable is threaded into everything we do. To help guide our efforts on a company-wide scale, we’ve organized our work in Global Social Responsibility (GSR) into four Pillars:

  • People: Creating a more diverse, equitable and inclusive work environment
  • Planet: Building a healthier environment for people and the planet
  • Partners: Maximizing opportunities for diverse businesses based in the places where we work
  • Philanthropy: Building possibilities for the under-resourced

Listening and Learning, Together

GSR has come to the forefront of business across all industries, driven by heightened awareness and calls for action by employees and customers.

  • In the U.S., 70% of people believe it’s important for companies to make the world a better place, and a majority believe companies should take a stand on key social, environmental and political issues.
  • 95% of employees believe businesses should benefit all stakeholders—not just shareholders—including employees, customers, suppliers and communities they operate within.
  • 80% of people seek companies with inclusion efforts, and 78% of people believe diversity and inclusion provide companies with a competitive advantage.
  • Companies with diverse teams are better at making decisions, and companies with above average diversity have higher innovation revenues.

In continuing to build our GSR program, we strive to root our efforts in the lived experiences of real people—including employees and industry and community partners—who represent diverse groups and perspectives. Over the course of 2021, DPR employees engaged in an internal monthly webinar series designed to create a forum to better highlight, educate and engage in conversations around our four Pillars of GSR. Through these presentations, moderated dialogue and small group discussions, hundreds of employees across the globe came together to listen, share and embrace the dynamic and diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives of their colleagues.

Introducing the "Be a Pillar" Series

Looking forward to 2022, we’re excited to spotlight some of the people who are bringing their authentic selves to work every day through a monthly blog series called Be a Pillar. Be a Pillar is dedicated to sharing the perspectives of DPR employees who are helping to inspire, educate and lead us on this journey. We hope reading about them inspires conversations, bringing us closer to our coworkers and understanding their experiences.

We realize that starting these conversations is only the first step toward building a true sense of belonging, environmental stewardship and community engagement. As we march ever forward we hope you’ll join us in building a supportive and inclusive environment, in the construction industry and beyond, that strives to be integral and indispensable to the people, partners, communities and planet around us, and be a pillar.

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