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UNC Healthcare Panther Creek Medical Office Building

UNC Healthcare Panther Creek Medical Office Building | Cary, North Carolina

The UNC Panther Creek medical office building project is a 96,700-sq.-ft. tilt-up structure building with a 2,700-sq.-ft. tilt-up structure Central Utility Plant attached by a covered breezeway and utility yard. The exterior of the building consists of a combination of finishes including brick veneer, concrete penetrating stain, and water table sills as part of the tilt up structure.

VDC and Prefabrication

UNC Healthcare Panther Creek project team is embracing prefabrication to bring its new ambulatory surgery center online more quickly. By using a robust virtual design and construction (VDC) program along with prefabricated plumbing, electrical and conduit materials and tilt-up walls, DPR Construction is slated to deliver the project one to two months quicker than with traditional methods.



Metal panel sun shades, entry portals and a metal panel signage “fin” span from the rooftop down the east elevation of the building. The three patient entrances have a combination of concrete and metal panel entry canopies. The interiors will be built out to accommodate various medical tenants including ambulatory surgical, laboratories, orthopedics and imaging suites.

There will be three air handling units (AHUs) on the roof that will serve the first, second and third floor Imaging, Mammography and support services. The Central Utility Plant will house a med gas manifold rooms, emergency and critical power rooms, main MDS rooms, and an independent AHU that will serve the Ambulatory Surgical Center with ducted return. Sitework includes parking, a “wet” retention pond with aquatic plants, pavilion/gazebo and three retaining walls. This will be a basement building with an upper and lower parking lot.

There are above ground power mains that run through the middle of the site that will be relocated before site work starts, a reclaimed water line that will be extended for the Town of Cary and water main board under Highway 55.

With the goal of zero incidents from day one, all stakeholders will undergo IFE training and conduct standard DPR safety practices each and every day.

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