UNC Rex Hospital Sterilizer Replacement

UNC Rex Hospital Sterilizer Replacement | Raleigh, North Carolina

This renovation project for UNC Rex Hospital involved replacing an existing sterilization area and cart washers that serve the hospital’s operating rooms.

To enable the existing sterilization area to remain operational during construction, DPR had to create temporary containment fields within the occupied space. Creating the fields was necessary because the project space resided between an area where contaminated operating room materials and equipment were processed and where new materials and equipment were prepped for use in the operating rooms. Additionally, the project area needed to be positively pressurized during construction, but a quick transition to a negatively pressurized space once the sterilizers started. Part of the project involved removing the elevated slab beneath the sterilizer area, opening up the space to the floor below which houses an elevator equipment room.

This fast track project was completed in less than 9 weeks.