The Riverside Regional Medical Center (RRMC) Varian Edge Vault project included the renovation of 800 sq. ft. of an existing vault within the RRMC imaging department, allowing for the installation of the hospital's leading radiosurgery equipment by Varian. The Varian Edge system provides full-body radiosurgery treatment and imaging for cancer patients with the upmost accuracy.

The precision of the machine is dependent on the critical construction requirements, including: correct positioning of the machine itself, four lasers, two cameras and its specific power infrastructure.

In addition to the machine's technical requirements for operation, the project scope included renovation of the space to ensure safety; the presence of radiation required installation of new lead lined brick and upgrades to the existing shielded door. Lastly, the space was fitted with new finishes to include millwork, lighting and flooring to make the space both comfortable for the patient, and functional for the hospital staff.

Overall, DPR takes great pride in using its technical building expertise to deliver a product that provides critical care to cancer patients, while ensuring that the project was within budget and on schedule.

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