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Confidential Corporate Office

Confidential Corporate Office | Cupertino, California

The project totaled 380,000 sq. ft. of tenant improvement work spread over eight floors in an existing, warm shell office building. DPR built new open office space with conference rooms, private offices, a full cafeteria and dining area, electronic testing labs, design labs, clean rooms, interview rooms, training rooms and a main distribution frame room. These new spaces required significant upgrades to the existing mechanical, electrical and fire protection systems along with new data, security and audiovisual systems.

The team also performed some site upgrades, including the installation of a new secured bike storage cage and EV-charging stations.



Driving the Schedule
The schedule for the project was aggressive, but DPR met the substantial completion date and built out the equivalent of 13,500 sq. ft. of finished space a week ahead. The team made this rate of production possible by working six days a week and using BIM to help detect mechanical/electrical/plumbing (MEP) infrastructure and ceiling clashes in the cafeteria. DPR also worked with city building inspectors and third-party fire/life safety inspectors to modify the inspection schedule to meet the demands of the project.

Innovation On-Site
This project represented the first full-scale tenant improvement that DPR built using entirely digital plans. All subcontractors were required to provide iPads to foremen and to use applications that allowed instant updating of the drawing set. Request for Information (RFI) responses was tagged in real-time on the drawings so that there was no lag between the office and field. The entire project had a wi-fi network set up in the field so that everyone could always access the most current set of drawings digitally. The only set of plans that DPR kept onsite were the permit drawings. DPR also continued to use internally developed delivery tracking and quality assurance (QA)/quality control (QC) software.

On this project, DPR also field-tested an internally developed application capable of laying out walls, doors, windows and mechanical openings. The application successfully laid out two of the eight total floors with tolerances of plus/minus one-eighth of an inch.

DPR Self-Perform Work crews included drywall, fire-stopping, door/framing/hardware, concrete, interiors and specialties all contributed to the successful completion of the project.

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