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Confidential Financial Client Campus Renovations

Confidential Financial Client Campus Renovations | Tampa, FL

After completing the ground-up construction of the campus in 1998, DPR returned to complete a phased, 240,000-sq.-ft. interior renovation of multiple floors throughout the occupied campus. The workspace renovation consisted of demolition and reconstruction of interior finishes, existing raised access floors, elevator interior finishes, AV, mechanical, plumbing, FP, electrical, low-voltage and acoustical treatments, as well as modifications to the existing electrical UPS system.



The modernization of 14 existing elevators, located throughout the campus, was also a part of this project scope. Upgrades to the elevators include new controllers, hydraulic power units, car operating panels, seals, door operator, positions indicators, call buttons, valves, wiring, stop switches and door interlocks. Four separate, open-air, architectural stair towers were added to multiple buildings on the campus to provide courtyard access and better pedestrian circulation. DPR worked with Gensler to provide cost-effective solutions for the stairs, exterior skin, interior modifications and exterior campus landscape/hardscape.



Specifically, the team used value engineering solutions and virtual mockups to compare multiple options of the stairs. Ultimately, the client selected concrete stairs that were molded in cedarwood casts to give them a natural wood finish. The team carefully reviewed the right solution to fit within the client's established budget and was able to create architectural features throughout the campus.



DPR self-performed drywall, doors, frames, and hardware on these projects. The interior renovations were completed one floor at a time, each receiving zero-defects letters for outstanding quality. By executing fundamental scopes of work ourselves we are better able to control critical aspects of the project, such as safety, schedule, quality and cost.



The interior renovation scopes of work attained LEED certification from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). To ensure a responsive and functional environment, the team worked with a lighting designer to create intuitive circulation paths that provide access to natural light for all their employees.

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