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Confidential Insurance Company | Refresh Project Phases 1-8

Confidential Insurance Company | Refresh Project Phases 1-8 | Florida

The confidential refresh project consists of a multi-phase renovation to the 1st and 2nd floors of an existing two-story building. The building is 200,508-sq.-ft., with space types including open office wing, conference room, huddle, videoconferencing, main distribution facility (data center), entryway, vestibule, grab and go, and cafeteria.



The scope of works includes selective demolition, cast-in-place concrete, metal framing & drywall, doors, frames & hardware, acoustical ceiling, hard tile, carpet tile, millwork, wall graphics, specialties, food service equipment, systems furniture, interior painting, aluminum-framed storefront, glass & glazing, wet-pipe sprinkler system, HVAC incl. controls, fire alarm, interior lighting, power & systems incl. voice & data.

The facility serves as a regional headquarters for this client and was fully occupied throughout the duration of construction.



Occupied Space:

Being one of the company's larger office hubs, the facility was occupied by the tenant’s employees 24/7. This created a need to be mindful of all construction activities in regard to noise, dust, etc. DPR successfully navigated this with constant communication with the onsite building manager, various workgroups, security personnel, and adequate direction to our trade partners. This sometimes led to nighttime/off-hour and/or weekend shutdowns to avoid impacting tenant associates.

Lack of As-Builts:

With no "as-built" documents for the current building system, DPR had to conduct lots of in-field surveys and verifications to make sure that information on the construction documents was viable and coordinated with the existing systems. Additionally, DPR made sure to submit "as-built" documents and the completion of each phase of work so that the building management would have a blueprint for the work in place.

Out-of-State Design Team:

The owner’s representative, architects, and engineers all resided in Iowa. DPR was diligent in helping to facilitate the processing of information via photos, annotated drawings, and phone correspondence – even between different time zones.

Secured Access:

The entire facility required significant security access in the form of badges. All onsite workers had to check-in with campus security and either be issued an access card or be escorted by an individual with one. DPR befriended the security staff and made them an integral part of the project team.

Zero Defects:

DPR Construction was able to successfully obtain a “zero defects” status on every completed phase of work on this project. Additionally, with every completed phase, the owner provided a formal written letter confirming and approving the project’s Zero Defects status.

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