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Confidential Biotech Customer | Multi-Lab Expansion Project

Confidential Biotech Customer | Multi-Lab Expansion Project | Norwood, MA

The DPR team completed their second project with this Confidential Biotech Customer. This latest renovation project for their new Technology Center building included renovating existing warehouse space to new labs directly adjacent to the Phase 1 project DPR completed the previous year.



This project completed on a fast-track construction schedule, began with selective demolition followed by the build-out of a new biophysical, LNPPD, and CBP labs. The project also consisted of installing a new rooftop unit serving the lab space, as well as several dedicated exhaust fans for various lab equipment.



Laser scanning and 3D modeling was used for the MEP coordination efforts. The team worked with the architect, engineer, and trade partners to mitigate upfront issues in the duct work above the ceiling. During construction, additional scope was wrapped into the project including adding a new RODI skid, rough-in-piping, moving the electrical closet from the second to the first floor, and building-out a new IDF IT closet.



With excellent communication and working around the clock, the team delivered the project on schedule.

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