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Building R Data Center Renovations

Building R Data Center Renovations | Cary, NC

The Building R Data Center Renovation project was a major overhaul of an existing legacy data center to bring it up to modern standards. The project involved enhancements to the existing fire protection, mechanical and electrical infrastructure. Systems were designed to Uptime Institute Tier II standards. The work was phased and planned to eliminate downtime for this existing operational data center equipment.



The Fire Protection component of the project included work on both the preaction and Halon fire suppression systems. The existing preaction sprinkler system piping on the data center level as well as the level above was completely replaced. Careful planning and coordinated off-hours helped building operations continue without disturbance or interruption. The existing Halon fire suppression systems in the data halls were replaced with modern clean agent-type fire suppression systems.

Mechanical work included bringing the existing data centers up to current ASHRAE standards as well as installing additional CRAC units in order to provide for the optimum data center design load. Several new CRAC units were installed in the data centers in order to allow for full load utilization.

A completely new 600V critical power system, including generators, UPS, switchgear, PDUs/RPPs, was constructed alongside the existing operating data center. Once the new critical power system was installed and commissioned, the operating data center equipment loads were systematically migrated one by one off the existing critical power system to the new critical power system to ensure 100% up time. The project was completed successfully with zero downtime.