People walking up to the new 10x office building.

10x Genomics

10x Genomics | Pleasanton, CA

10x Genomics’ state-of-the-art laboratory building was completed using a collaborative design-to-build approach. The new three-story, 150,000-sq.-ft. building will support research, administrative services and product delivery for the fast-growing biotech firm.

About the


DPR embraced a design-to-build approach to deliver 10x Genomics’ new research, development, and manufacturing facility. The project team consisting of Nova Partners, HOK Architects, and Chaves-Grieves Consulting Engineers worked collaboratively to design and build the ground up 150,000-sq.-ft. laboratory and office building. This included all interior improvements and accompanying surface parking lots with extensive landscaped areas on the remaining site.

The building’s interior celebrates the collaboration and science that have fueled 10x Genomics. Connecting stairways, shared workspaces and transparent labs foster communication and discovery among researchers and scientists.

The project scope included ISO 5, 6, 7, and 8 clean rooms, laboratory operations for process chemistry and analytical operations, a production area for small molecule-related compounds, and integrated solutions, including instruments and consumables. DPR Construction self-performed several trades, including concrete, DFH, acoustic ceiling tiles, fire stopping, ornamental fence, drywall, and finish carpentry.

New flexible lab spaces allow 10x Genomics to restructure their labs to meet researchers needs.
Collaborative lab spaces foster 10x Genomics discoveries.
Cold storage units are accessible outside laboratories.
A sleek and inviting new lobby welcomes 10x Genomics employees and customers.
Open work spaces and glass enclosed conference rooms maximize collaboration and focus time for 10x Genomics employees.
10x Genomics cafeteria and break spaces provides a welcoming environment and respite from researching.
Craft workers installing a prefabricated rebar cage.
Optimizing Construction

Through Design

By using the same principles of manufacturing, building designs can be optimized so that certain components can be prefabricated and assembled on-site in less time, driving value and quality beyond traditional delivery. This concept is not new, but it does inform an approach to project delivery that closes conventional gaps between design and construction regardless of project size, type or contract. The video below shares more about how our team embraced this collaborative approach.

Design-to-Build Delivery at 10x Genomics

Design-to-build is about applying product design principles to certain elements of a project and bridging the gap between design and construction. DPR Construction’s 10x Genomics project in the San Francisco Bay Area put the design-to-build project delivery approach to the test.

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