Inova Ashburn Healthplex

Inova Ashburn Healthplex | Ashburn, Virginia

The Ashburn Healthplex is a 50,000-sq.-ft., ground-up, two-level, 24-hour healthcare facility on a greenfield site. The first floor includes a 15-bed emergency department and diagnostic imaging center equipped with CT, radiology, mammography, bone density and ultrasound. The second floor contains physician office suites for Inova Medical Group and Inova Outpatient Physical Therapy Center.



The most challenging part of the job was constructing the terra cotta façade, which used a modularized system where the terra cotta would be placed in five-foot increments. In the design, the terra cotta was made to align perfectly with the window joints and masonry. However, once on-site, this required more concentrated efforts than expected to maintain vertical site lines and ensure all the pieces fit properly. Building Information Modeling (BIM) helped the team better understand the nuances of the terra cotta systems on the façade. BIM was also instrumental for above-ceiling MEP coordination.



A secondary challenge involved coordinating the installation of medical equipment with vendors and end users. During construction, the location of the mammography and radiology rooms swapped places. Fortunately, the DPR team had a plan to prevent schedule delays resulting from room changes. Although they had already completed the rough-in work, the team had not installed any of the medical equipment, so swapping the equipment was less time consuming and did not lead to any schedule delays.



The project received a LEED Innovation in Design Credit for exemplary performance in waste recycling. Ninety-five percent of all waste produced on the site was recycled.

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