The Sanford Stadium project consists of three main areas of improvement that will enhance the game day experience for the student-athletes, recruits and their families, and spectators:

Home Team Locker Room: The existing locker room is at the east end of the stadium and is proposed to be relocated to the west end due to space constraints. The current locker room at the stadium does not have lockers or showers, so this project includes construction of a new fully functional locker room with around 95 team lockers, coaches' locker room, satellite training room, and satellite equipment room. The Design-Build (DB) team will develop options for the home team to access the field from the locker room.

Recruit Club: The proposed program includes a new recruit club that would seat around 500 people at tables and chairs for a meal (via warming kitchen) with easy access to stadium seats, designated restrooms and views dog walk.

Fan Amenities: To enhance the game day experience, the restroom capacity, number of concessions points of sales, and amount of ADA seating are all proposed to be increased. Fan plaza concepts including improved gating and entry sequencing will also be developed similar to Sanford Stadium's Reed Plaza.

Since the west end of Sanford Stadium is a complex area to perform construction, with Tanyard Creek located to the south of the site, Gillis Bridge and the Tate Center to the west, embankments to the west, and Sanford Stadium to the east, select demolition of existing spaces is anticipated while other existing areas will require protection.

The DB team will perform full site and utility analysis, including geotechnical investigations in coordination with the owner, and during schematic design, associated site and utility construction costs will be captured in the schematic design cost estimate.

The interior of the club and locker room will be expected to have a finish level comparable to other UGAA facilities with graphics and audio-visual components fully integrated into the architectural design. The DB team will also be responsible for way-finding and branding of the exterior spaces.


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