MEP Tie-ins and Fire Alarm Integration

Tavistock Lake Nona Town Center Medical Office Building | Orlando, Florida

The Lake Nona Medical Office Building project is a 6-story, 160,000-sq.-ft. core and shell medical office building (MOB) with a 14,000-sq.-ft. standalone adjacent retail facility. The MOB ties into an operating performance center through access on the 1st through 3rd floors which required a heavy amount of coordination around the MEP tie-ins, fire alarm integration, and working around the operating facility. The exterior skin of the MOB is a mixture of precast, curtainwall, and architectural metal panels. The steel curvature of the canopy on both buildings mirrors each other, and a special roof pattern on the Retail Buildings will also reflect this curvature. Approximately 1,400 tons of steel was installed between both the MOB and the Retail Building.