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STACK Infrastructure Data Center Fit-out and Expansion

STACK Infrastructure Data Center Fit-out and Expansion | Hillsboro, Oregon

Working in the same shell that DPR converted from a semiconductor equipment factory to a multi-tenant data center in 2012, this design-build project pioneered an unprecedented amount of Active Rear Door (ARD) coolers for energy efficiency.




What makes this project so unique is its unusually high quantity of Motivair active rear doors (ARD), hinged doors that replace the rear door of any standard or Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) server rack. Not only is this project the single largest deployment of ARDs to date in North America, it also represents a uniquely innovative approach to ARD design at DPR’s second major deployment of chilled doors in North America. Many other projects use ARDs for supplemental cooling, but at Infomart, they are the primary source of cooling for the entire space, enabling the customer to move into a hyperscale data center deployment.

DPR’s expertise working with ARDs was a major selling point for this long-standing customer and data center wholesaler that leases space to many high-profile tech companies across the country. While other DPR data center projects have used about 70-75 ARDs for supplemental cooling, the Hillsboro site has an unprecedented 556 ARDs between two data halls to accommodate the rapid growth and the fluctuating needs of Infomart’s tenant, one of the world's largest professional networks.

Due to Infomart’s rapid growth and need for quick deployments, fast-track delivery was crucial for this design-build project, which included two phases: a 15,000-sq.-ft. data hall tenant fit-out (Data Hall A) and a 100,000-sq.-ft. greenfield building footprint (Infomart’s Portland Expansion), which includes a second 15,000-sq.-ft. data hall build (Data Hall B). The second data hall is connected to Data Hall A by structured cabling, as well as joined mechanical and electrical systems.

The project tallied up approximately 212,000 work hours over a 10-month project duration with zero recordable safety incidents.

Learn more about the project and its ARDs in the extended case study.

STACK Infrastructure San Jose Data Center aerial
STACK Infrastructure San Jose Data Center aerial
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