Kaiser Santa Teresa Women’s and Children’s Center

Kaiser Santa Teresa Women’s and Children’s Center | San Jose, California

While constructing the Santa Teresa Women's and Children's medical office building, DPR created a strong working relationship with Kaiser officials, the architect, and key subcontractors. This partnering effort was instrumental in maintaining smooth coordination despite weather and permit delays that could have become major problems. Indicative of the team's success, the steel frame for the 104,900-sq.-ft. building was erected in just 12 working days.



More than 80 percent of the space is for OB-GYN, pediatric and dermatology care, with the remainder for pharmacies, laboratories, health education, and physician's office space. All areas are arranged for maximum efficiency in a series of clinical modules, with offices on the perimeter and examination rooms in the center.

High Praise

“[Kaiser Permanente's Executive Vice President for Northern California, David Pockell] sees buildings all over the region, and so the fact that he was very impressed with this one is really important. He is not an easy person to impress, and he was very, very impressed.”

Yvone Hobbs

Kaiser Permanente's facilities development team leader