Exterior entrance Covance Laboratories.

Covance Laboratories Research and Development Center

Covance Laboratories Research and Development Center | Chandler, Arizona

The Covance Research & Development Center in Chandler, Arizona, was the first Greenfield site construction for Covance Laboratories Inc. Situated on a 77-acre site, this new 288,000-sq.-ft. research and development facility includes laboratory facilities, support/office space, a cafeteria and a Learning Center. The facility provided Covance with long-term flexibility to manage the growing demand for testing new medicines for safety and effectiveness.

Sequencing And


Due to the size and complexity of the two-story facility, DPR broke down the building construction into six areas within the project schedule, thus streamlining all work sequencing. Building Information Modeling (BIM) was used 100 percent for the four-month structural steel erection, all Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) systems and all mock-up/first installs. 3D models were generated to detect/identify early-on clashes between systems and minimize issues in the field.

Sequencing and scheduling of major activities to support the construction schedule were key. The jobsite ran two shifts throughout the entire construction. The second shift work was carefully pre-planned, and the major subcontractors for each shift were chosen by using DPR's Planning System (based on the Last Planner™ methodology) to truly identify what activities were the most logical actions to take place at each time of the day.

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