Air conditioning units outside.

The RIC project encompassed significant upgrades and enhancements to Data Hall 112 and Data Hall 113, located within the Data Center 2 facility in Sandston, Virginia. Data Hall 112 underwent a complete transformation, including upgrading the chilled water system, installing new heat exchangers, and routing additional chilled water piping from the existing cooling towers. At the same time, DPR upgraded the utility plant, installed generators, and a new cooling tower, which added additional reliability and efficiency to the facility. Data Hall 113 was designed and fit out to include CMU wall infill, doors/frames/hardware installation, wall partitioning, paint and finish work, structural acoustical ceiling installation, OFCI coordination, and electrical upgrades.

External condenser pipes.

VDC & BIM Modeling

DPR was engaged early during the schematic stages of the project and provided competitive budgeting and design-assist input alongside another onsite contractor. One of the key factors contributing to our success was the utilization of our past knowledge of the White Oak campus and the implementation of VDC BIM modeling. Through these efforts, DPR was able to streamline design iterations and efficiently progress from schematic to IFC documents within a short span of two months. This allowed for minimal budgetary surprises and demonstrated our commitment to delivering high-quality results while adhering to project timelines and financial constraints.

The Impacts of COVID-19

The project was impacted due to COVID-19 pandemic shipping and factory delays and required utilizing mitigation tactics such as additional work shifts and trade partner crews, as well as re-sequencing of the work. Coordinating Owner Furnished Contractor Installed (OFCI) items and our proactive communication strategies ensured the project's smooth progress and on-time completion. The team tracked down submittals and integrated clearances into the BIM model, allowing for coordination among various project components.

chiller water pipes.

Coordination & Communication

Through regular coordination meetings with other general contractors involved in renovation projects within the same building, the team synchronized deliveries, crane locations, and utility shutdowns. The open and transparent communication channels with site security personnel provided weekly work plans and detailed site maps to inform about upcoming work activities and any changes to access locations.

Exterior chilled water lines.
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