Alexa Lab and Pilot Plant TI Mountain View CA Lab Fume Hoods

Alexza Pilot Plant and Laboratory/Office Remodel

Alexza Pilot Plant and Laboratory/Office Remodel | Mountain View, California

The Alexza Pilot Plant and Lab/Office Remodel project consisted of demolition of existing office space and construction of a 10,000-sq.-ft. Phase III pilot plant and a 45,000-sq.-ft. lab and office renovation. It also included a new utility yard.

The pilot plant, completed in May 2007, contains areas for gowning and lockers, cleaning preparation, Class 10,000 sampling/dispensing and labeling, Class 10,000 drug solution, coating, assembly and packaging, waste storage, bathrooms and showers, server room, shipping/receiving and warehouse. It also includes an environmentally controlled crystalization room. DPR assisted in the installation of the owner-supplied pouching machine, which arrived in eight pieces and had to be carefully moved into the space and assembled over three days.



Challenges on this project included the design/build MEP systems and the aggressive design schedule. In order to meet deadlines, it was imperative that materials were ordered and released on time. The design approval process with the city, while challenging to the schedule, proved to be a great opportunity to develop a good working relationship with the city inspector.

To ensure that the end users would have a space that met their daily needs, Alexza production and science managers were accompanied on frequent jobwalks with clipboards and forms and asked to identify issues they had with the space. The lab and office renovation consisted of new open office space, structural upgrades to support additional mechanical equipment and chemical labs. The scope of work for the labs included casework, fume hoods, nitrogen, clean air and hydrogen.

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