By definition, a raving fan is a customer that provides repeat business without considering other competition. DPR has created a “Raving Fan” with Separovich Domich Real Estate Development through consistently exceeding their expectations.

The Mercy Midtown Medical Center, DPR's second project for the developer, is occupied by more than 91 doctors representing a full range of medical specialties. The six-story, 122,000-sq.-ft. building includes diagnostic imaging technology, an onsite medical laboratory, electronic medical records, administrative offices, and specially designed exam rooms.

DPR's collaborative spirit was evident from the onset and sustained itself through the duration of the project to ensure the owner's and tenant's interests were of utmost concern. One of the most important aspects of the preconstruction efforts on the Midtown Medical Center was the early selection of quality MEP design/build subcontractors. The preconstruction time period was sufficient for owner-driven changes to take place without affecting the project schedule. With the exception of those few changes early in preconstruction, there were zero change orders on the project.

One challenge to the team was that the project was constructed on a “postage-stamp” site with a zero lot line, making space extremely tight. DPR had to be creative when scheduling subcontractors. Just in time deliveries to the site were required, as there was nowhere to stage or store the materials.

Another challenge to the project team was a four-month delay due to permitting issues and owner/tenant contractual negotiations. With the delay, the building enclosure activities had to be performed during the rainy season. Schedule activities had to be re-sequenced so that the building would be water-tight to proceed with drywall and other interior finishes. Despite these challenges DPR delivered another successful project, again exceeding the customer's expectations.

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