Exterior sunset view of the building. Concrete walkway wrapped around the building.

Marengo Office Modernization

Marengo Office Modernization | Pasadena, California

The Marengo Office Modernization project is located in the heart of downtown Pasadena, three blocks from DPR’s office. The client, Atlas Capital Group, partnered with Rios Clementi Hale Studios to reimagine the iconic building for a new future. The five-story, 360,000-sq.ft. structure, recognized as the building without windows, was designed by modernist architect Edward Durell Stone in 1974 and used as a credit card processing center for Bank of America. DPR repurposed the building into a core and shell office space with 790 subsurface parking spaces, and an amenity and fitness center on the ground floor, all on a 2.88-acre site. The design transformation included a new glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) exterior façade performed by SPW and our glazing trade partner, a new center atrium cut into the existing structure, new MEPF systems, and additional building upgrades aimed at attracting new tenants.


  • Client Atlas Capital Group
Challenge and Solution

To create a new courtyard in the center of the building, DPR spent countless hours removing the roof and metal deck at each level and sending debris though a trash shoot to the ground floor. The team also constructed a new elevator and shaft within this same opening. Using a traditional crane for this work would have required weeks of street closures and a crane in excess of 400 tones due to the grade difference around the building and reach required. Based on these constraints, the team used smaller spider cranes to erect each specifically sized piece of steel that was rolled in through the front door and erected to the roof.

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