In Culpeper, VA, a DPR team completed this unique, “once-in-a-lifetime” project to transform a former underground Federal Reserve cash storage and computer operations facility, originally born from the Cold War, into the National Audio Visual Conservation Center (NAVCC).

The project included a major two-phase renovation and addition to house a motion picture, broadcasting and recorded sound facility in four parts, as follows:

  • The complete interior demolition and renovation of the existing 135,000-sq.-ft., three-story building to store all media except nitrate;
  • A Central Plant Building, consisting of a new building constructed at grade behind the Collections Building;
  • A Conservation Building, which included construction of a 185,000-sq.-ft. building and comprised of public space, office, audio-visual and electronic labs, photographic wet labs and shipping/receiving facilities; and
  • Nitrate Film Storage Vaults, which are in two connected buildings each with 60 individual four-hour rated film vaults, together with associated equipment building and equipment mezzanine, totaling about 47,000 sq. ft.

Construction began August 2003, with overall completion in the fall of 2006.

Green Features

Spanning nearly five and a half acres, the green roof, which counts among its benefits the ability to filter pollutants and CO2 out of the air and reduce heating and cooling loads on the structure, is currently the largest of its kind on the East Coast.