SanTan Brewery store front

HMS Host | Phoenix Sky Harbor Terminals 3 and 4 Restaurants

HMS Host | Phoenix Sky Harbor Terminals 3 and 4 Restaurants | Phoenix, Arizona

DPR was selected to build several restaurants in the newly rebuilt Terminal 3 Food Hall and Terminal 4 restaurants. Continuing Phoenix Sky Harbor’s reputation as “America’s Tastiest Airport,” projects included a new Panera Bread, Shake Shack, Mustache Pretzel, SanTan Brewery, Barrio Café, La Grande Orange, Chelsea’s Kitchen and The Rocket. All projects were completed with zero facility interruptions, zero unexpected problems and zero defects.

Project Scope

In Terminal 3, SanTan Brewery was built as a stand-alone structure, with exposed beams and columns adding to the aesthetic of the restaurant. The flooring was created and diligently sealed to guarantee the American Airlines offices on the floor below would not be affected. This was done by adding five layers of waterproof lining with a catch all basin, all under waterproof flooring.

Terminal 4 projects had overnight construction between the hours of 10pm and 5am, allowing the restaurants to stay open and active during business hours. All equipment and materials had to be brought to the space and removed every night as if they were never there. Construction happened without affecting the daily needs of the restaurant. As a result of the off hours, phased work and temporary floor and wall construction, work was carried out with zero impacts to daily services. Restaurants didn’t close or miss out on revenue for one single day.

Technical work involved new, restaurant-specific kitchens, grease line installs, concrete infill, new rooftop HVAC units, terrazzo flooring, millwork and furniture installation.

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