DPR and EllisDon's involvement in the preconstruction phase resulted in the Owner terminating their incumbent general contractor and engaging the DPR-EllisDon joint venture. The project involved the site developement and construction of a confidential financial service provider's Tier IV enterprise data center. Phase 1 included 4.4 megawatts of critical IT power across 30,000 sq. ft. of raised floor white space at 2N redundancy, with future capability to expand an additional 4 megawatts of critical IT load.

Green Features

The data center is maximizing power efficiency while reducing energy intensity through the use of virtualization technologies and energy-efficient electrical and mechanical systems. The data center is built to LEED Platinum standard, with a blueprint that meets the industry best-in-class power usage effectiveness (PUE) target ratio of 1.6. Smart building design features include solar roof arrays, created to meet the energy needs of the data center’s limited office space, and electrical vehicle parking spaces. Excess heat generated from the data hall will be captured for use in snow melting.

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