Flexential ATL4 Data Center

Flexential ATL4 Data Center | Alpharetta, Georgia

Since 2007, Flexential has provided metro Atlanta customers exceptional colocation, connectivity and compliant hybrid IT solutions. In the heart of Alpharetta's tech corridor, the ATL4 Data Center complex features 2N power redundancy and N+1 cooling redundancy backed by 100 percent uptime commitment, ensuring that even the most demanding environments can cool and run at peak efficiency.


Project Scope

This project is a two-story, 70,000-sq.-ft. expansion of the existing Flexential facility and includes tenant fitout of the new Core & Shell expansion of the existing Peak 10/Flexential Data Center. The initial build includes 1.5MW of UPS @ 2N and associated backup generation, air cooled chillers, and CRAH units on the floor. The initial Data Hall construction occupies the entire 2nd floor at approximately 35,000-sq.-ft.

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