eBay Project Mercury Data Center

eBay Project Mercury Data Center | Phoenix, Arizona

Project Mercury included the fit-out of the first floor whitespace and three modular IT containers on the roof of the 23,000-sq.-ft. shell warehouse building that DPR completed in December 2010. The structural steel of the building is the same weight as an 11-story “similar foot-printed” building. However, the roof is designed to carry up to one million pounds in additional weight for the pre-fabbed data IT containers.

Project Scope

The facility was transformed into high density Modular Data Center spaces with 4MW of initial IT load, with infrastructure to support 12MW of ultimate IT load. EMEP infrastructure includes 3MW medium voltage generators, 2MW medium voltage UPS modules, modular chiller plant and cooling towers. eBay's primary intent for Project Mercury was to develop and test all types of cutting-edge cooling technologies for computer servers by seeking out the most energy-efficient, lowest energy use cooling methods and share the technology globally. Where better to test for cooling systems than in Phoenix where the “mercury” is record-breaking?

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