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Confidential Health Insurance Client | Interior Build-out

Confidential Health Insurance Client | Interior Build-out | Atlanta, Georgia

This Interiors project includes the full build-out of approximately 227,000-sq.-ft. of open office, collaboration, and relaxation space with high-end finishes. The 21-story, state-of-the-art, build-to-suit office tower is a hub for approximately 3,000 multi-disciplinary IT professionals. The design focuses on how people interact within the space, and strives to inspire cooperation and creativity with large open floor plans. These elements are linked by a staircase that runs vertically through a series of stacked, double-height spaces that are intended to be used as break out areas for employees and company gatherings.

Project Details

This project has several unique elements that set it apart from any project in the region, and in some cases, the country. Upon entering the lobby from W. Peachtree street, your eyes will be drawn to the remarkable LED backlit perforated metal panel ceiling running 30 feet high over your head and descending into the elevator lobby and down the walls. The panels were precisely cut utilizing a unique AutoCad design layout that reads Anthem when translated to Binary Code.

The lobby itself is grand in nature as it spans over 150 feet wide with high ceilings and polished concrete floors. A custom millwork and glass grand stair takes you from the lobby up to an open Mezzanine level where the Innovation Center is located. Terrazzo, multi-dimensional soffits, custom light fixtures, specialized ceilings, and custom millwork wall panels all align from the elevator lobby through the kitchen area on one side and over monumental stairs on the other. Due to the long lead time of the specialized ceilings and the custom light fixture, as well as the long installation time of the terrazzo flooring, time did not allow for field measurements to be taken. Therefore, the team built this area virtually, overlaying and coordinating the as-built core and shell model with the new components of the interiors model. The entire area was also laser-scanned to confirm the as-built model.

Between every other floor a large, a cantilevered monumental stair connects the tenant floors. The core/shell and interiors teams successfully implemented a great collaborative effort and installed the embeds for these stairs in the slabs above and below in advance of the interiors build out so that no other supportive columns or hangers were required for the stairs.

As the owner explained, “This entire building will be filled with IT professionals. If we don’t provide an abundance of writable wall surfaces, they will write on the perimeter glass.” Virtually every room on the tenant floors has at least one writable wall surface and a large writable wall installed in each of the open office quadrants, which were all created using Fuze dry erase paint. This also meant that these tenant floors had a vast amount of Level 5 drywall finishing. In addition, glass columns were put in place in each open office area, creating even more writable surfaces.

Each of the tenant floors is “free address” as no employee is assigned to a specific desk, in order to further facilitate collaboration and creative utilization of the open office spaces. To create a secure space for employees to store their belongings, locker rooms were built in each quadrant of the floors which feature plastic laminate lockers with wired locks that can be locked/unlocked with an employee’s building access badge.

DPR Atlanta also performed the base building construction for this Health Insurance client in partnership with developer Portman Holdings and Portman Architects. This is our second ground up Midtown project with the Portman team.

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