Confidential Financial Client Orlando Operations Center

Confidential Financial Client Orlando Operations Center | Orlando, Florida

The project consisted of a 38,000-sq.-ft. renovation of an existing, occupied 300,000-sq.-ft. Operations Center. The renovation included various common areas, break rooms, wellness rooms, cafeteria, lobby, restrooms, and conference rooms. The scope varied in different areas from as little as new ceilings only to as much as complete gut and rebuild.

The facility was operational 24/7 so that all of the work was done at night during slow hours. In corridors and open areas that needed to remain operational during the day, only enough work was done so that it could be occupied when most of the employees started each morning. For areas that needed to be completely sectioned off from occupied areas of the facility, containment barriers were used to effectively contain construction areas. Additionally, HEPA-filtered negative air scrubbers were implemented to provide piece of mind to employees that were worried about dust created from construction activities behind the barriers. It’s crucial on projects like this to have a team who understands how the facility operates to make sure that after work occurs every night, it does not affect the day to day operations once employees start walking in the front door the next morning.