Through several construction phases, DPR remodeled all six floors of the main Clear Lake Medical Center facility. Each phase was 7,000-12,000 sq. ft. and included “facelifts” for patient rooms including new flooring, headwalls, and paint.

With patients on floors above and below, the team focused on infection control and minimizing disruption from noise and vibration. Materials were moved in and out of the building in covered containers to minimize construction-related debris from entering clean hospital areas. Tacky mats were placed inside entry points to construction zones to capture dust. Workers were required to wear booties in the work area, and to remove them at designated exit points (to keep used booties from being scattered around the jobsite).

Workers were reminded daily of the level of professionalism required when working in an occupied hospital, and a DPR representative was onsite at all times to monitor noise levels and more. 

When noisy work was unavoidable, DPR coordinated with occupants of the floors above and below to plan around patient needs when work took place.

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