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California State University Long Beach | TOCA

California State University Long Beach | TOCA | Long Beach, California

California State University Long Beach (CSULB) hired DPR for a Task Order Construction Agreement (TOCA), consisting of several small projects on the campus. The first six projects were successfully completed on time and within budget. Construction timelines for most projects were set to start and finish during summer break, allowing for a quieter campus and a smoother process.



A, B, D, E Dorm Renovation – The first project tackled on the campus was the renovation of four dorm buildings. Construction began immediately after students moved out for the summer and was completed 12 days ahead of schedule.

The Pointe Renovation – The renovation of The Pointe event space in The Pyramid, CSULB’s indoor multi-purpose arena, consisted of new acoustical panels, wood veneer paneling, new carpet, fresh paint, ceilings and a state-of-the-art A/V system. The entire renovation was completed in seven weeks.

Brotman Hall 300 Remodel – Brotman Hall is the administration building, home to the CSULB President’s office. The remodel included the President’s suite and lobby. With wood veneer ceiling panels and higher-end finishes, the remodel boasts an elevated yet modest style.

Beachside College Dorms – Beachside College dorms is off-site housing with a few on-site classes and support, perfect for students who are looking for the intimacy of a small residential college while enjoying the opportunities of a large university. Beachside College consists of two buildings, three stories each. Exterior improvements of residence and dining halls, along with the replacement of hardware and access controls throughout, helped update these buildings to a more current style.

Brotman Hall 201 Remodel – Brotman Hall 201 houses the Enrollment Services office, a highly visited space on campus. The remodel of this space entailed the demolition of a dozen existing offices and conference rooms and the re-partitioning of the space to accommodate new offices with modern glass storefronts, a large conference room, a coffee bar and hoteling area. The suite received new lighting, electrical and mechanical systems. The existing concrete and brick walls were restored to give the space an industrial yet modern and professional aesthetic. The space was completed with new wood veneer paneling, carpet, ceilings and fresh paint.

University Student Union MEP Upgrades – The University Student Union (USU) is a three-story building known as being one of the most centralized locations for information and services on campus. Upgrades to the USU involved mechanical, electrical and plumbing improvements, along with the replacement of over 1,800 fluorescent light fixtures with new LED lights. As updates occurred during the school year, work was done at night in order to maintain a fully operational facility.

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