A 10-story tenant build-out in a new building in Foundry Square. Comprising of approximately 282,000-sq-ft. of usable space and two levels of basement parking, the facilities are fitted out to meet technical, operational and aesthetic requirements for around 1,600 staff. With an extremely aggressive schedule the team was able to finish the project on-time, delivering the project with zero punchlist items and to the quality standards of Barclays Global Investors.

The new facilities at 400 Howard Street are to provide office accommodation for Barclays Global Investors:

  1. For approximately 1,600 staff performing financial trading, back-office, marketing and head office management functions;
  2. Trading floor functions on two floors;
  3. Support facilities and amenities for staff commensurate with those of world class financial institutions;
  4. IT and audio visual systems to support current and future information and communication technologies; and
  5. Mission critical business infrastructure that has a resilience level of N+I.

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