Axogen lab space interior rendering

Axogen Headquarters Relocation

Axogen Headquarters Relocation | Tampa, FL

DPR was hired by Axogen, a life science company that develops products for nerve repair, to build-out their corporate headquarters. The build-out relocates their Gainesville, Florida office to the Tampa Heights District. Axogen will occupy three floors, 75,000-sq.-ft., in the six-story west office building. Floors four and five of this build-out will include open office and breakout meeting rooms. The sixth floor will be dedicated to training and showcase laboratory space that will include a microscopy room, open general lab, tissue processing lab, cell culture lab, chemistry lab and a manufacturing lab.



The labs will include chemical fume hoods (10), ultra-low freezers(3) (-86 Celsius), cell culture incubators (6), Reverse Osmosis water treatment system. C02 and Nitrogen Lab gas system. The lab also has an independent HVAC system with 2 outside air units and an air-cooled chilled water system. The entire lab is backed up by a 250kva generator that will power all of its equipment and HVAC needs in the event of loss of utility power.

By self-performing drywall and specialties for this project, DPR is better able to control critical aspects of the project, such as safety, schedule, quality and cost.

DPR also used laser scanning in coordination with the 3D model to provide cost savings to the client. By quickly checking the model we can determine if a design will work as intended. For example, the team would use the model to determine if it was possible to core drill at lab casework sink locations. This eliminated rework and potentially saved the integrity of the slab.

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