681 Gateway Boulevard

681 Gateway Boulevard | South San Francisco, California

DPR completed construction of a well-known national developer's new four-story, 126,971-sq.-ft. corporate office/life sciences building on an eight-acre site in south San Francisco. The building, housing open office space as well as private offices with 10-ft. glass sliding doors, features single- or multi-tenant lab-ready HVAC infrastructure with 16-ft. floor-to-floor height for critical systems installation and state-of-the-art audio-visual, information technology and security systems.



The building features energy efficient mechanical equipment and extensive natural day lighting. The project was constructed using 17 percent recycled-content materials. Eighty-six percent of construction waste was diverted. By incorporating motion-detection lighting controls, high-efficiency boilers and chillers and glazing on windows to reduce heating loads on the building skin, it also surpassed Title 24 energy requirements by 25 percent.

DPR worked with the developer to evaluate the upfront costs of building green. The first cost for construction to meet LEED® requirements was less than one percent of the project's overall cost. Much of this cost will be recouped in long-term savings. This project demonstrated that the cost differential between energy efficient/high performance green construction can be minimal. The key is to make the right choices in building materials, systems and project team.

With the energy-efficient design, mechanical equipment and extensive natural daylighting, this project achieved LEED Silver from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC)'s pilot program for Core and Shell.

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