exterior street view

The Line

The Line | Charlotte, NC

The Line at 2151 Hawkins Street is a 16-level building with 298,600-sq.-ft. of Class A Office Space above 304,500-sq.-ft. of structured parking with a total of 710 spaces. The ground level includes 24,400-sq.-ft. of space for retail, restaurants, and a neighboring brewery which will relocate into the expansive beer garden.

Sitting along Charlotte's Light Rail and walkable Rail Trail, the project was designed to create a convergence of community and connection. The new building will be transformative to the previously brownfield site with epic views of the Uptown Charlotte skyline.

Project Details

DPR's Charlotte team self-performed the concrete scope of this project which included 32,000 cubic yards of concrete and 5,000,000 pounds of rebar to date. This is the first self-perform concrete project completed by the Charlotte team. With less than 1% waste of concrete, the team topped out the project a full 24 hours early - beating the countdown clock set for topping out in the trailer since day one.

Unlike a traditional office building, much of the concrete will remain exposed in future tenant improvements so DPR focused heavily on the quality and aesthetic of the concrete finish. The team utilized DFOW or Distinguishing Features of Work to maintain the high standard of concrete finish required.

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