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As in many parts of their daily lives, consumers now expect virtual collaboration and technology to access convenient, efficient and seamless healthcare regardless of whether it is in-person or virtually. To accommodate this growing consumer shift, provider organizations have begun introducing new leadership roles focusing on experience, digital, transformation and innovation. While these roles have not traditionally been engaged as key stakeholders in capital facility projects, each is responsible for components necessary to enable healthcare consumers to experience unified, organization-wide touchpoints, both for in-person and virtual care.

Episode 7 & 8

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Host Leslie Tulio talks with the experts about training the next generation of healthcare CIOs, how the omnichannel approach leads to more personalized and empathic care, how planning and leadership work in tandem to bring the physical and virtual care spaces together, and the role patients and providers play to create an integrated care experience.

In Episode 7 of Constructing with Care, hear from healthcare industry advisor, consultant and former Chief Information Officer, Senior Executive at Northwestern Medicine Tim Zoph, and healthcare strategist for DPR Construction Carl Fleming, as they discuss delivering an elevated patient experience through an omnichannel approach to care, an approach that has only recently gained ground in the industry.

In Episode 8, Zoph and Fleming continue the conversation, discussing the importance of embracing change and innovation, especially from experts outside of the healthcare industry, re-evaluating care delivery models for an aging healthcare system, leveraging digital solutions in addition to physical care spaces, and optimizing resources for the workforce. Zoph and Fleming conclude with advice for healthcare leaders on implementing solutions in the immediate future to plan for an ever-changing healthcare consumer experience.

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Omnichannel care elevates personalization and creates empathic experiences. By understanding patients' unique needs, we can drive lifelong behavior change and shape the future of healthcare.

Tim Zoph

Industry Advisor and Consultant

Tim Zoph
Healthcare Advisor & Consultant
Former Chief Information Officer, Senior Executive

Carl Fleming
DPR Construction
Healthcare Strategist



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In our next episode, Zoph and Fleming continue their conversation about omnichannel healthcare and the use of new and innovative technologies for ever-changing patient care.

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