Letter from Leadership: Keeping Perspective

Shifting Into Focus

In our industry it can seem like the only constant is change. From supply chain disruptions to skilled labor shortages, news cycles often land on the challenges our industry faces or the current economic landscape. But a shift in perspective can bring things into focus.

When we choose not to react to the daily news cycle, but instead look at the commercial construction industry over decades, we see that we are maintaining at an incredibly high level—a high level of production, quality, and safety.

A builder wearing personal protective equipment hammers in rebar at a jobsite.
Common Goals

From our reframed perspective, we can look at how far we’ve come in terms of production, for example, and how that in turn improves safety and quality. Through prefabrication of building components, we have vastly improved speed-to-market, all while ensuring a quality finished product and minimizing the highest-risk construction activities. Through alternative contracting methods we can further streamline workflows to consistently deliver higher performing buildings on schedule. While there is more work to be done, the trend promises to continue as we invest in new technology and refine our processes.

Keeping perspective also allows us to see industry challenges for what they are: a call to action. With common goals and the right perspective, we can work together to tackle persistent issues like supply chain inefficiencies, environmental health and safety, and sustainability in construction.

Taking Care of People

Take the shortage of skilled labor, for example: Attracting the next generation to the construction industry is a complex issue, and one we can’t solve alone. What we can do is work together as an industry to foster an environment of inclusivity, as well as continual learning and development to build the next generation of builders. We can celebrate the use of technology as the pathway to more career opportunities in construction and emphasize our industry’s evolution over time.

When we keep perspective, we can see that an ever-changing industry is an opportunity to double down on what matters most—taking care of people. Things like partnering with our customers to consistently deliver facilities that change the world and benefit our societies. Things like continually embodying world-class safety and growing happy, healthy teams who enhance the communities we live in.

A builder wearing personal protective equipment surveys the jobsite from a high-level perspective with blue sky overhead.
A builder wearing personal protective equipment surveys the jobsite from a high-level perspective with blue sky overhead.
A Unique Perspective

As we move into a new year, we often reflect on and are reminded of the many visionaries who brought us to where we are now. Visionaries like DPR co-founder Peter Nosler, who passed away in November 2023. Peter’s unique perspective and ever-forward mindset embraced change as the catalyst to build great things, contribute to communities, and innovate new ways of working. When we take a step back, as Peter often did, we can see the big picture. And it's that perspective we keep that makes all the difference.

The stories in this issue are about reframing our mindset, from industry trends to actionable approaches. They feature people who embody an ever-forward way of thinking. We hope that they inspire you to see things from a different perspective, whether it’s the big picture or an individual lived experience.

DPR co-founder Peter Nosler smiles in this black-and-white photo while sitting in the driver seat of his Formula Ford race car, one of his many passions throughout his lifetime.

DPR co-founder Peter Nosler's actions set the tone for a collaborative, open and inclusive environment that continues to live on with our people. Thank you, Peter, for truly leaving a legacy that others are inspired to emulate. Ever forward.