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Building Possibilities for the Under-Resourced

2022 Community Initiatives Annual Report


Building Support for People and Their Communities

Every person, in every community, deserves safe and inspiring places to gather, learn, and support each other. Economic disparity makes this difficult.

Organizations that support our under-resourced neighbors are experts in social services. They are amazing. But they don’t always have the expertise or funds for things like facility maintenance, additional youth enrichment or staff development.

Fortunately, the construction industry has a myriad of resources and an unlimited supply of altruistic people.

From building safe, flexible spaces for nonprofits, inspiring youth to add “builder” to their list of career options, to supporting our partner's operational excellence, DPR’s Community Initiatives teams continue to build possibilities for people in their communities.

2023 Community Initiatives Leadership Team: Amy Shadowens, Angie Weyant, Cari Williams, Diane Rossini, Diane Shelton, Greg Sherman, Lina Nageondelestang, Rodman Marquez, Stacy Groomes, Tim Hyde, Whitney Dorn


2022 Outputs and Outcomes

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Building Possibilities for the Under-Resourced

Through Three Pillars of Skills-Based Volunteering


Skills-Based Volunteering

We listen to and collaborate with our community partners to identify how we can help them move forward in their missions through our Three Pillars of skills-based volunteering.

  • Facility Construction and Renovation: DPR makes facilities improvements that enable community organizations to maximize their impact.
  • Career and Education Guidance for Youth: DPR creates and delivers construction education and career programs for under-resourced youth.
  • Operational Support for Nonprofit Partners: DPR builds relationships with community organizations and helps strengthen their operational capacity.


Facility Construction and Renovation

DPR makes facilities improvements that enable community organizations to maximize their impact.

$2,200,000 Value of volunteer facility construction and renovation projects in 2022.

92 renovation projects for nonprofit partners in 2022.

100% of nonprofit partners surveyed said DPR’s renovation projects strengthened a sense of pride of place for staff and clients.

“DPR has given us the gift by providing construction work to the interior of our new space to make it warm and inviting. A fun place for our girls and their families.”

Girls Inc. Tarrant County, Ft. Worth, TX

A person paints an overhang
Volunteers help paint slats of wood
DPR has changed everything for our client. We now have showers, a kitchen, safety railings, and storage, and it's so beautiful. Our youth now have a sense of pride in "their" center. They have built relationships with your crew and are being mentored towards careers.

Youth Assistance Coalition

San Diego, CA

(After the renovation) we were able to use the unrenovated side of the building. Having freshly painted and fixed walls, it allowed us to use the space. DPR's involvement has helped with motivation by having a clean and good-looking workspace for staff and youth.

St. Francis Neighborhood Center

Baltimore, MD

DPR has worked at several Clubs to beautify our spaces and make them more safe for our members. DPR's work has helped to create spaces that members feel proud of, reminding them of their incredible self-worth and potential.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver

Denver, CO


Career and Education Guidance for Youth

DPR creates and delivers construction education and career programs for under-resourced youth.

10,000 under-resourced youth participated in DPR’s construction and career education initiatives.

100's of 3rd graders introduced to construction careers during industry-wide Construction Inclusion Week.

93% of partners surveyed said DPR’s education programming expanded youth’s confidence in their potential for success.

A mini site tour inside a project
Kids smile at the camera
A volunteer works with kids at an event
Our engagement with DPR helps clients get excited about their future careers in construction. One YouthBuild client got a business card from a DPR employee who offered to support his career goals. He is now successfully working with DPR!


Seattle, WA

Girls get to grow their skills in critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and confidence when engaging with modules facilitated by DPR, and it's amazing to see their horizons expand as they gain access to activities that help them to realize that a career in construction, engineering, and STEM is entirely possible.


Austin, TX

DPR employees have had a strong influence on our young ladies … by exposing them and encouraging them to seek careers in the construction field. Several of our girls have entered the construction academy at Atlantic Community High School as a result and will be pursuing this field.

The Milagro Center

Delray Beach, FL


Build Up High School Internship

Construction management internship for under-resourced high school students

33 high school summer interns worked on major construction projects.

96% of interns identify as non-white, and half are young women.

of interns plan to be first-gen college students.

Since the program's inception in 2017, a third of former high school interns have returned to DPR as college interns or full-time employees.

“I achieved new goals and learned new skills every single day. I stepped out of my comfort zone and started informational conversations with a lot of coworkers.” -2022 Build Up Intern


Operational Support for Nonprofit Partners

DPR builds relationships with community organizations and helps strengthen their operational capacity.

45 partner organizations supported through board service, professional skills training, and other operational support.

$500,000 worth of pro bono service provided to partners to respond to their immediate needs, and support their financial and operational strength.

A group of volunteers and kids
People attend a training seminar
Future for KIDS appreciates that DPR Construction stands alongside our organization and kids in our community through their steadfast engagement in whatever project we are tackling. The power of a strong company with dedicated employees compliments the direct service we provide on a regular basis.

Future for KIDS

Phoenix, AZ

DPR is a huge part of our success from year to year. Not only financially but as a knowledge base for areas that our not our forte. We have a DPR employee on our Board...and work with employees regularly for community service projects, staff trainings, and other resources.

Boys & Girls Clubs of San Dieguito

San Diego, CA

This year, DPR hosted three training programs for our staff. They provided tools and insight for team building and helped staff understand their workstyles through the use of the Enneagram model. These workshops are valuable because we rarely get the opportunity to focus on topics outside of social work.

Second Story

Reston, VA



The DPR Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, has supported organizations that build possibilities for under-resourced youth in grades K-12 for 15 years.

During this time, the Foundation has provided nearly $13 million in unrestricted grants through an annual grant process. The Foundation currently has 34 organization partners who have been receiving funding for an average of six years.

Collectively, these organizations support thousands of youth in our communities, providing them with skills, options and the encouragement to succeed.

"The unrestricted grants allow us to fill in service gaps not covered by public funding and to adapt quickly when needed, such as during shelter-in-place at the start of COVID. It also empowers us to be innovative as an organization which is a vital part of our mission."

LifeWorks, Austin, TX